Professional Development of English Teachers regarding Online Resources: An SR Approach


  • Dr M Samiullah Assistant Professor (Education) Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad (Pakistan)
  • Beenish Pervaiz Lecturer (English) University of Education Lahore (Jauharabad Campus)
  • Dr. Nayyer Sultana Govt. Liaquat Girls High School Bangash Colony Rawalpindi (Pakistan)


Professional Development, School Personnel, Online Resources, Pandemic Situation, Need Analysis, SR (Systematic Review) Approach


The objective of this study was to analyze the needs of school personnel in terms of their professional development related with online resources in the province of Punjab at secondary level. An SR approach (Systematic Review) had been done rigorously. A pool of 300 research articles were selected purposively. Further selection had been done on the basis of criterion that the already available researches should be in English as there were some relevant papers which were in languages other than English which were not understandable to the researchers. A systematic criterion was set on the basis of which the research papers had been using keywords like Smart Classroom Online Resources which includes multimedia, videos in English and Urdu Languages, Resource, and games in visual style of learning. Instrument used for collection of data was an online resource itself. The results of SR showed that there is a dire need to develop the school personnel in terms their professional development related with online resources which are going to be used in Pandemic situation throughout the province of Punjab. Some recommendations were made for teachers and school administrators as well as managers for better teaching learning process via digital mode as well.


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