Effectiveness of Jazz Smart Classroom’s Online Quiz for Excellence in Academic Achievement:

An Empirical Evidence from High Schools of Pakistan


  • Nosheen Anjum M. Phil Scholar (Science Education) Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad
  • Dr M Samiullah Assistant Professor (Education) Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad (Pakistan)
  • Dr. Nayyer Sultana Govt. Liaquat Girls High School Bangash Colony Rawalpindi (Pakistan)


Jazz Smart Classroom, Online Quiz, Academic Achievement, Secondary Level


The objective of this study was to find the effect of Jazz Smart Classroom’s Online Quiz on academic achievement at secondary level. A quasi-experimental design was used in which two groups were selected one is control group and other as experimental group. Experimental group was given a treatment of six weeks by using Jazz Smart Classroom’s Online Quiz. A sample of 30 students of class 10 was selected. Convenience sampling technique was used for the selection of sample Instrument used for collection of data was pre-test and post-test. Twenty lessons were delivered by using Jazz Smart Classroom’s Online Quiz. Same pre-test and post-test used. The test was validated by the experts of Allama Iqbal Open University. The reliability of test was determined by reliability analysis with SPSS. SPSS was used to draw the conclusions of results. The t-test was used for the comparison of data of control and experimental group. The results of experiment showed that the mean scores of students in post-test which were taught by using Jazz Smart Classroom’s Online Quiz scored significantly higher than those taught by using traditional method. Some recommendations were made for teachers and students to use online quiz for better teaching and learning. Government of Pakistan should take an initiative to raise the standards of education by introducing the use of Jazz Smart Classroom’s Online Quiz in the government high schools of Pakistan.


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